Id Requirements

ID Verification

All new customers to Bitcoin Vanuatu are required to electronically verify their ID with us prior to receiving our banking details. It is an extremely easy but important process.

Vanuatu ID

Choose your Vanuatu photo ID. This can be a Vanuatu drivers license or a Vanuatu passport. The name on your Vanuatu ID must match the name that you have verified with Local Bitcoin.

If you don’t have a Vanuatu passport, you can supply an overseas passport accompanied with your Vanuatu residency permit. The name on your residency permit must match the name on your overseas Passport. It must also match the name that you have verified with Local Bitcoin.

Fraudulent or doctored ID will be reported to the Vanuatu Police Fraud Department.

Take a Selfie

Take a photo of yourself (a “selfie”) holding your photo ID next to your face and holding a half size A4 piece of paper that has “I agree with the terms of trade of Bitcoin_Cam for this trade” then sign it and add the date (dd/mm/yyyy) and time.

Check that your face, ID text and writing are clear and legible in the photo.

Have your “selfie” ready to upload to Local Bitcoin so you can open a trade.


Once you have these photo ID requirements ready and you have registered with Localbitcoins, you are ready to Open a Trade anytime between 9am-1pm Monday to Friday.